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The Common Core aligned JEI Math covers all major domains: Number Concepts, Operations, Geometry, Measurement, Data Analysis, and more.


The JEI English curriculum is aligned with the Common Core State Standards, covering all major domains such as readiness, phonics, reading, communication, grammar, and information.

Reading and Writing

JEI Reading & Writing is a literature-based, enrichment program that helps students strengthen reading comprehension and writing skills.

Problem Solving Math

JEI Problem Solving Math will help students who are already advanced in math, or who simply enjoy seeking a good challenge with ambitious, Math Olympiad-style questions.

Brain Safari

Brain Safari is a unique, fun and engaging enrichment program that strengthens logical and analytical skills, as well as enhances creativity and memory proficiency.


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JEI Advantages

The Scientific
Diagnostic System

JEl’s diagnostic system will pinpoint a student’s strengths and weaknesses. Each student will receive a 2-page analysis report which explains how the prescriptive study program is prescribed for each student.


Well-aligned with State Standards, our curriculum focuses on conceptual understanding of Math, English, and Reading & Writing.

Individually Paced

JEl’s program is self-paced with a step-by-step approach which makes learning easy for everyone. Students only progress when they have demonstrated proficiency in each objective of the prescribed study program.

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